balada friendship…


friendship is not a game to play
it is not a word to say
it doesn’t start on march and ends on may
it is tomorrow, yesterday, today, and everyday


the anatomy of a true friend


will always have them open to listen to really hear what you are saying

to always tell you the truth and give their thoughts to help talk through things if life get messy…

will be your strength when you can’t carry yourself…
will always let you lean on and cry on them…


thx. to dina cempluk buat kata2 mutiara-nya…

4 Responses to “balada friendship…”
  1. ningnong says:

    iki bah.. kenang2an persahabatan dan persodaraan 2008 kmren.. mg2 smpe sterusnya
    sekali sodara, sodara sampe mati!!!!!!! 😀

  2. ningnong says:

    @ abah yusdi
    tukang rusuh…

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